Hello & welcome to my place on the Internet. My name is Bryan. I am a 37 year old ramshackle chap from Northern Ireland who has lived in the warm embrace of Leeds for 17 years now. I have interests in psychotherapy, research, housing, homelessness, law, IT and politics. I have professional qualifications and practices in a range of these things.

Everything on this website and indeed any and all expressions of me on the Internet are put there in a personal capacity unless explicitly stated otherwise. My employers or organisations which which I am affiliated are not responsible for anything I post, nor do my views necessarily represent their views. Simply put – what I write is on my own behalf only and isn’t linked to anything I do. Nothing I write should be taken as professional advice.

The standard disclaimer

It’s a bit weird that I need to write that but there are, unfortunately, people out there who love to deliberately misunderstand the world and find reasons to be offended and incensed.

I hope that whatever brought you here was a happy thing and I hope that you and everyone about whom you care has a fun, joyful, mentally well and peaceful day.